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"I'm a wuss...I hate shots and I get it!!"



Why do we have to watch these video clips on the news every night of the same thing?---

I get it.  H1N1, or swine flu is treated by getting vaccinated.  Seasonal flu is treated with injections.  We have all gotten vaccinated and know just what it looks and feels like.  This said, why do the network and local news organizations have to keep running the same footage of people getting their innoculations over and over again every night when they do updates on this story?

I can't tell you how many shots I have gotten over the years and physically they are no big deal, but I find watching health care workers administer these injections on the news every night is extremely annoying.  Yes, little kids and babies will cry and fuss when some Dr. or nurse approaches them with a needle.  I get it!!!  I don't want to see another innoculation on the news regardless of the content of the story. 

The same goes for the nasal spraying of the vaccine.  Seen one nose get a dose, you've seen them all.  Seeing people getting either form of the vaccine does not add to the story of how the H1N1 is affecting the population.  Getting health care professionals to give us the information about how to best avoid contracting the virus and what to look for in our children and family members would do more good than watching another arm getting stuck with a syringe.

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