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Queer On Demand: Jason and the Argonauts



Now available: The 1963 fantasy Jason and the Argonauts

Synopsis: An ancient Greek heroic myth is (partially) brought to life -- with hunky sailors and stop-motion armature-model monsters! ---

Rating: 4 / 5

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Remarks: It's pretty much a fetish film: Some of us just enjoy watching Todd Armstrong swagger around in a damp tunic for two hours. Woof! There's no shortage of shirtless musclemen wielding their swords and whatnot, and I've always had a thing for daddy-bear Nigel Green, who makes a fine, strapping Hercules in his leather strap and loincloth.

It's one of those cool, mythic monster adventures along the lines of The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad that Hollywood stopped making for some reason -- although I think there's a remake of Clash of the Titans in the works (good luck matching Harry Hamlin's ethereal sex appeal for that).

The movie ends abruptly -- the inclusion of The Argos' return voyage apparently would have taken it over budget. But the climactic skeleton battle is great fun.