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Sublime Camp: Sorority Girls From Hell



I don't think I've ever posted this video to Brandon's Big Gay Blog. So, as a special Halloween-season treat, here's Lois Bromfield's amazing monologue "Sorority Girls From Hell", featured as a sketch on Mike Nesmith's Television Parts. (Notice Lois' rad 1985 hair and her date's preppie necktie!) ---

Highly recommend for viewing with likeminded friends. It's great fun: In 1991, my buddy Greg Hill introduced a bunch of us to this video during a party -- and, for weeks afterward, at random moments we would burst out with "Irma, Irma, Irma! Stupid, ugly Irma! Dah, daaah nah, dah, daaah nuh!" followed by peals of jeering laughter. Innocent bystanders didn't know what to think.

Look at your clothes, Irma: You can't even get a guy! Look at you, look at you! Dah, daaah nah, dah, daaah nah!