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Jay Brannan wants to be a housewife



Jay Brannan, that dreamy-eyed (and dreamy everything else) singer-songwriter from New York City, totally rocked Salt Lake City at Urban Lounge Sunday night.

This was the definition of an "intimate evening with..." Much of the crowd was cuddle-puddled on the floor at Brannan's feet as he sang "I Want to be a Housewife," "Sodashop," "Goddamned," and several other favorites. ---

You may have met guys and gals like Brannan: successful, smart, uber-sexy, sensitive and so, so, so single. It's hard to know why/how these people stay single, but such is life.

I often wonder what Brannan would sing about if he actually fell in love with a guy who loved him back.

Below is cell phone snippet of Brannan signing "Sodashop," a song that introduced his music to many of his fans. Brannan acted in the 2006 film Shortbus and performed this song in the film.

Sorry this clip is only 60 seconds and not the whole song. Blame Google. After the last Android update my (ever so) stupid G1 phone now only allows 60 seconds of video per take (despite a 8 gigabyte micro SD card I bought in large part so that I could shoot longer videos). The readers of the Salt Blog thank you, Google, for your great work (update: The power of settings. Apparently there is a setting to allow for up to 30 minutes of video, but the default settings limits videos to 60 seconds.  Why, oh why, would there be a setting for this?  If you want short videos, can't you just press 'stop'? .