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The Revenge of The Christmas Sweater


Every time I want to lay off Glenn Beck, he comes roaring back with a new pile of weepy bullshit that's sure to be eaten up by his minions. Halloween (that pagan "holiday") isn't even over, and now it's time once again for  ... The Christmas Sweater!---

Yes, that timeless tale of redemption, family and poly/cotton blends is back for another holiday round, and you can see Glenn perform it live! Well, sort of. The Christmas Sweater: A Return to Redemption (how's that for an epic title?) will be simulcast "live" in hundreds of movie theaters across the country (probably half of them in Utah) on Thursday, Dec. 3, with an "encore" on Dec. 10. You can't expect Saint Beck to actually tour anymore--the socialists would assassinate him!

How much are tickets for what's essentially a Glenn Beck concert movie? A mere $20 a pop ($18 for the encore). You pay extra for the vast talent, Important Message and "live-ness," of course--think you'll get all that from Michael Jackson's This Is It at a fraction of the price? Tickets go on sale tomorrow, BeckHeads! Watch the trailer! Feel the magic! Zoom the damned camera out!