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Stupid is as Stupid Does



No really, in baseball terms, this is beyond stupid. ---

The Phillies blew game 4 of the World Series on what any little leaguer knows as the “who the hell is covering 3rd base” play. This is akin to leaving your baby in a car with the car running parked on a steep hill with no brakes. Oh and there are no doors, and no seat belts.

Basically, when the Phillies put on a defensive shift, there was no one to cover 3rd base. It happens all the time in baseball, but everyone knows that the pitcher or the catcher is supposed to cover when the ball goes into play. Well, everyone but the Phillies.

This is beyond stupid, way past amateur and… what’s the word? Oh yeah… UNACCEPTABLE. The Phillies deserve to lose, and the Yankees deserve to win.