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From the Plaza to the Colbert Nation


Remember that little gay-kiss-on-the-Plaza dust-up back in July? City Weekly's Derek Jones and boyfriend Matt Aune have been all over various lesser news outlets since then, but tonight they're finally appearing on the most important news program in God's US of A: The Colbert Report. ---

In a segment taped two months ago, Jones and Aune were questioned by Report as to why they hate America, the Constitution and Utah private property, after being asked to make out for the cameras--to which they happily complied, says Jones.

"I'm thinking they're going to push the whole 'trespass/criminal' angle to its utter extreme to point out the ridiculousness of the whole incident," he adds. "I do know they filmed a 'reenactment' with Dottie Dixon and some bodyguards on the actual plaza."

Will the finished segment be edited to make the pair look like homoterrorist criminals? Tune in tonight after The Daily Show. While Comedy Central is a far more trusted information source than Fox News, you never know with Colbert. His most recent Report on the touchy topic:

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