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Mickey Mouse to Mickey Rat?



You don't tug on Superman's cape, spit into the wind and you don't mess with Mickey Mouse!---

There are things that don't need to be "updated", "modernized" etc.%uFFFDI won't list them all here but near, if not at the top of this list is MICKEY MOUSE.%uFFFD They, whoever these morons are, want to create a Mickey with attitude for a video game, CD or whatever and they want him to be not the lovable little mouse who smiles and makes me feel good.

I grew up with Mickey Mouse, Minnie and the rest of Disney's creations and love all of them as they are.%uFFFD They are steeped in 1955 and that is a good thing.%uFFFD To this day when I see the signature, "Disney", I smile inside.%uFFFD Forget that Walt himself was no saint and had issues with his social conscience.%uFFFD I don't care.%uFFFD I do care about Mickey and the gang.%uFFFD From one who has little left to hang on too I beg those in charge of this idea to forget it and let Micky be.

Do I have to start selling bumper stickers saying, DON'T FUCK WITH MICKEY MOUSE!