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Gossip Girl: 3-Way Outrage!


Ever watched Gossip Girl? Probably not--until the Parents Television Council warned you not to, anyway. Tonight, the lame teen soap opera features a three-way sex scene (which, by network standards, will probably last three blurry seconds before fading into a makeup commercial) between a trio of the show's characters ... whoever the hell they are. ---

From ParentsTV.org, your one-stop TV watchnags: "'To include a storyline like this on a program that is expressly targeted to impressionable teenagers is reckless and irresponsible. We are asking each CW Network affiliate to use their common sense and preempt this episode,' said PTC President Tim Winter, who wrote a letter to CW Network President Dawn Ostroff and to each affiliate. 'CW has been defending graphic content on Gossip Girl by asserting that they don’t target teenagers. Such a claim doesn’t even pass the ‘laugh test.’ The network’s own promotions talk about the program as a ‘parent’s worst nightmare.’ How many 30-year olds care what their parents think?  Zero. Only a teenager would be responsive to a parental ‘forbidden fruit’ marketing ploy like that, and CW knows it.'"

The CW also knows they owes the PTV big for promoting Gossip Girl gratis during November Sweeps. Had they said nothing, this episode would have been seen by a few million and gone by the wayside. Now, it's the TV talk of Monday. Great job, Parents TV Council! Please go after Dollhouse next.

Reportedly, Utah CW affiliate CW30 is being pounded by form letters from people who've never seen a nanosecond of Gossip Girl, because they've been told to by the like of the PTC. So why not send an e-mail in support of CW30 running the episode tonight? It's quick, it's easy, it'll make you proud to be an American. Tell 'em CW (City Weekly) sent ya.