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T-REX on steroids....what a theme park



One way or another, Energy Solutions is going to get's it's way and bring foreign nuclear waste to Utah.  It's just a matter of money.---

I was heartened the other day when Gov-on-training-wheels, Gary Herbert said he would not allow E. S. to import foreign glowing garbage to Utah even if they were going to split the profits.  I don't really trust anyone who has no conscience when it comes to standing up with a tin cup and taking all the money he can from supposed contributors limits and ethics be damned.

Now we hear from scientists that the shit E. S. wants to bring to Utah will get hotter and hotter over time and will not go away for a million years.  The fact that every several thousand years the great basin, that would be where we now live, floods to the size of a few states would spread any surface glowing goo over a good portion of the intermountain area.  What do we care, we won't be here then so who gives a shit?  We all know that the end is coming in 2012 anyway so whatever creatures that would evolve over this time would be really something to see. 

If there any humanoids around then think of what a great theme park they could create with these glowing monsters roaming the wild west.  Gives a whole new concept to the name, Barney Rubble.