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Eric Maynor: Starting Line-Up?


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Amanda Hart is following the first season of new Utah Jazz pick Eric Maynor. Read her introduction to this series here.


Ok so coach would probably rather start Andrei Kirilenko at the point before Maynor, but Eric definitely should get more than the 3.2 minutes he has been averaging.%uFFFD---


We all knew Ronnie Price might not play tonight, and the official word is that he is out with a sprained big toe. The really scary thing is that Deron Williams is a game time decision for tonight’s game in Boston. Personally, I think he will play but thats just me. All I know is that if he doesn’t play, we’re pretty much screwed.



My probable starting line-up if D-Will doesn’t play is Andrei Kirilenko at the point, with Wesley Matthews in AK’s place at small forward. Seriously.



Why? Back in Russia, when AK plays with his national team, he plays point a lot of the time. I can remember a few times Sloan has used him at the point, and honestly, I don’t know who I trust more (considering our options) dribbling the ball down the court. Plus Eric really hasn’t proved that he deserves to start in Deron’s place. Whether or not Williams plays tonight, with Price out I don’t think Coach has much of a choice but to play Maynor at least 10 minutes tonight. This could be his opportunity to blow us away and prove that he deserves to play. Good luck man!



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