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Gay Marriage Is Violence???


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HEADLINE:%uFFFD LDS Church backs S.L. anti-gay discrimination ordinance, just don't get used to it!---

The story about the Salt Lake City Council passing nondiscrimination ordinances protecting gays and lesbians from being discriminated against in housing and employment was not only a good thing but the right thing.%uFFFD The real story is that the LDS Church backed this ordinance.%uFFFD Gee, how magnanimous of the LDS Church.%uFFFD While this should have little effect on how gays and lesbians will be treated while traversing what was Main Street, according to their spokesperson Mike Otterson, "The church supports this ordinance because it is fair and reasonable and does not do "violence" to the institution of marriage"

WHAT!%uFFFD The LDS church is still stinging from the backlash of Prop 8 in California and I guess they think if they give their stamp of approval to this type of ordinance it will quell the anger, hurt and disgust for their actions in that issue.%uFFFD They just couldn't keep their mouths shut and let this ordinance pass with nothing more than an approving nod.%uFFFD OH NO.....they had to qualify their position by saying that this ordinance does not do "violence" to the institution of marriage.%uFFFD Just what the hell does that mean?%uFFFD Would someone please tell me what "Violence" the gay and lesbian community wants to perpetrate on marriage?

There isn't a thing that any gay or lesbian person can do to anybody else's marriage period.%uFFFD What part of that doesn't the LDS church not get?%uFFFD I won't even get into the mental cases in the Sutherland Institute and their position on the issue.%uFFFDThey see this ordinance as more grease on the slippery slope to the gay and lesbian agenda which, in their twisted minds, is to distroy all marriages in the world and make everyone gay or lesbian.%uFFFD Good on the city and now just watch as the Legislature jumps into action to prevent any other city in Utah from enacting a similar ordinance.%uFFFD You read it hear first!