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Comedy Sunday: NOT Scotty Lee


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Local comedian/Ed Hardy enthusiast/alleged pedophile Scotty Lee is finally receiving a tribute from his comic peers--but probably not the one he wanted. This Sunday, Nov. 15 at Mo's Neighborhood Grill, it's "The Official Scotty Lee Sucks at Everything Except for Sucking Show." ---

From the Facebook event page, posted by local comic Levi Rounds: "Local shitbag extraordinaire and pedophile Scotty Lee has alluded the fuzz for a number of months now, and we'd like to change that. We don't need the cops to show up we'd just like everyone to know who he is and what he did. Then the day you see him you can turn him in.

"Oddly enough he wanted nothing more than to be famous. 'I want to be so famous that they have to close down the malls when I show up.' Oddly enough he has made that happen. Though not for his comedy or 'photography,' really it's because he's not allowed within 50 ft. of any teenager.

"So come down for the usual showcase of Utah's best comedy with a little of the worst comedy you've ever heard on Sunday. As your favorite comedians try their hand at some of Scotty's terrible material.

"$5 donation at the door. Proceeds go to the kid he illegally conceived and cowardly won't man up to fathering. Not that he could."

They can't do any worse than this with Lee's "material":