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Genius Shmenius



Excuse me waiter...? Can I have an Idiot Combo with a side order of arrogant stupidity? ---

Patriots coach Bill Belichick has been called a "genius" by every sports talking head that covered New England since their rise to the NFL elite in 2002. I always thought it a bunch of crap, particularly after it became public that Belichick  routinely had opposing defensive coaches' signals videotaped from the sideline. All illegal, all punished by the NFL, no Super Bowl wins since. Hmmm.

Fast forward to Sunday Night football against the undefeated Colts in their home stadium. The Pats are beating the Colts all night. Then, with a 34-28 lead and the ball on their own 28 yard line it's 4th down and 2. Genius Bill decides that 90 years of football and countless ACTUAL genius coaches are all wrong. He goes for it. Not only does he make the idiotic decision to go for it, he calls a 2 yard pass... on 4th down & 2! It's so far beyond stupid, that it only shows his gigantic arrogance and belief in his own hype. Guess what happens? That's right, they don't make the 1st down, the Colts take the ball and win the game.

Bill the Imbecile tries to throw the referees under the bus afterward by saying "I thought we got the yard, but I guess we didn't." Implying that the referees spot of the ball was short.

What a jackass, idiot, cocky, moronic, myopic, conceited, egomaniac.

See? I only really needed the 2 adjectives but I threw out 6 just to be safe.