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Going Rouge... Er, Rogue



What a great read.  Finally a book that can be finished before you have to flush!---

I got an advanced copy of Sarah Palin's book, Going Rogue", but she should have titled it, "Going rouge" because it is so bad and full of shit that it would even make George Bush blush.  I would even bet he could finish it faster than "My Pet Goat".

If this is Sarah's attempt to get herself back in the political spot light she would have been better off going on Dancing With The Stars.  One thing you have to admit, she knows how to get herself in front of the cameras and on the news and for what?  She has nothing to offer anybody except Oprah.  That would be ratings as she is almost as interesting as the woman Oprah had on who had her face ripped off by that chimp.  Come to think of it, Oprah should have the chimp on the same time she has Sarah.  Now that I would watch.