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Which Steve Smith will show up tonight? ---

The NFL network will showcase, errrrrr, I mean broadcast another NFL game to hundreds of people tonight when the Miami Dolphins travel to Carolina to face the Panthers.

Former Ute Steve Smith plays for the Panthers. When you’re a half crazy hot head in the NFL… they label you “mercurial,” which is another word for “half crazy hot head.” When asked about Panthers QB’s interception problems this year he quipped, "I can't worry about what's going on in somebody else's kitchen. I've got grilled cheese burning on the stove myself."

So the question is, “Which Steve Smith will show up tonight?”

The Steve Smith who lit up the NFL his rookie year and turned Utes fans into Carolina fans ?? …

or the Steve Smith who has been invisible all year, but last week had his best outing and said "I want to be on the field. I'm too ugly of a cheerleader to carry pom-poms and wear a skirt" ?? …

or the Steve Smith who plays for the NY Giants ?? (highly unlikely) …

or ex Journey drummer Steve Smith, who looks oddly like Howie Mandel’s older and less cool brother.

Tune in and find out, if you actually know anyone who gets the NFL Network. Tonight at 6:15, I think.


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