Sarah Palin selling books at doesn't get any better | Buzz Blog
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Sarah Palin selling books at doesn't get any better


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 I guess no respecting book store in Utah wanted anything to do with "Going Rouge"! ---

I'm not taking any chances so I'll be sleeping on the sidewalk in front of the 1818 S. 300 W. Costco from now until Dec. 9. I want to be first in line to get Sarah Palin's latest work of fiction. It does make one wonder why she would be hawking her tome at Costco and not at The Kings English, Borders or Deseret Book. I guess the Sinclair station on highway 89 was booked for that day as well.

You can already buy her book for about $5.00 so I wonder what the Costco discount will be? You get the book free with the purchase of a gallon tub of mayo or a pack of moose jerky.

I tease Sarah because since Paris Hilton has fallen off the TMZ radar, who else do we have that has that certain something that says, Look at me, I' at me!