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Queer On Demand: The Geek Show



Now available: The Geek Show

Synopsis: All the action and drama of a Geek Show Podcast recording session are captured on video as Kerry Jackson wrangles a panel of local media types. ---

Rating: 2 / 5

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Remarks: Years ago, when I first checked out the Utah On Demand section, the comedy category was dominated by some BYU troupe performing skits about missionary work. I've pretty much avoided it ever since. 

The local On Demand section has grown since then, even if selections are still pretty hit-and-miss. (One pleasant surprise: Derby Girls matches are available!) 

One of the more watchable programs is The Geek Show. Well, since it's really just a recording of a podcast, you don't really need to "watch" it all, but the video element adds an interesting dimension.

To be clear, there's nothing queer about The Geek Show. Sure, it's an all-male panel, but they're all straight as far as I can tell. They generally talk about comic books and sci-fi themed TV and movies -- they know their stuff -- but, occasionally the topic turns to other subjects.

It did so during the Sept. 20 episode when Jackson started mouthing off about George Takei (Star Trek's Sulu) and his appearance with husband Brad Altman on The Newlywed Game. Things went downhill pretty fast, and the discussion devolved to a homophobic frat-boy level. 

Now, I'm not one who is easily offended. Truth be told, it was pretty mild stuff compared to the bullshit gays hear from political and religious leaders in this state. No need to be writing angry letters or waving rainbow flags angrily around Jackson's studio.

Still, I have to admit, I was a little hurt and disappointed. I've always liked Jackson's radio work, and I know he's kind of hypersensitive about some things. So I guess I was surprised to hear him taking cheap shots about some old dude's sexual orientation.

But, whatever. Takei is a big boy; he can handle himself. I only figured our community had grown out this lame brand of humor; guess I was wrong.