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They don't need your charity! [Updated Dec. 9]



The National Organization for [the Prevention of] Marriage has been taken off the list of eligible fund recipients in a charity contest sponsored by JP Morgan Chase. ---

The reason? NOM -- the organization that funds dishonest ads that claim marriage equality is a ploy to brainwash children and imprison preachers -- does not comply with Chase's nondiscrimination rules.

I'd have thought the fact that NOM isn't a charity would be enough to disqualify it. But apparently, PACs and think tanks are eligible for charitable donations. Even the Heritage Foundation appears to be on the list -- and if that's a charity, I'm your Aunt Fanny. (Hint: I'm not your Aunt Fanny.)

Turns out I made a mistake; for some reason, I got the idea that just any nonprofit listed in the Guidestar database could be eligible. I should have taken a closer look at the contest's rules, which state that participants may vote for "non profits that serve the general public in the following focus areas: education, healthcare, housing, the environment, combating hunger, arts and culture, human services, and animal welfare."

So I stand corrected. My apologies to Chase Community Giving; those who wish to participate in the contest may sign up at its Facebook fan page.