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NBC: Must Xmas Thursday



Merry Christmas from NBC/Comcast/Pepsi/Maytag/Doritos! After tonight, you won't get any more new episodes of Community, Parks & Recreation, The Office or 30 Rock until mid-January! But there's plenty of Jay Leno on still on tap. Ho, ho ... fuck. ---

But, the funny foursome go out tonight with wall-to-wall Christmas episodes: Community attempts the all-religion-inclusive holiday party while Joel McHale battles/hides from the school bully (Anthony Michael Hall); Parks & Recreation finds Leslie (Any Pohler) in the midst of a sex scandal after designing Pawnee's Winter Wonderland; The Office has Phyllis (!) play Santa while everyone fears for their jobs (continuing that far-too-realistic arc); and 30 Rock does the Secret Santa Fun Swap as Jack lands a new love interest (Julianne Moore, above right--mrrrow!).

Previews for three of the four (no Parks & Rec vids were available--I suspect April):