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Sarah Palin. She Came, Scribbled, And Left



The perfect gag gift for Christmas,  Sarah Palin's An American Life.---

I found it hard to believe that there are actually people in our midst who thought that they would have to sleep on the sidewalk out side Costco in single digit temperatures to get a copy of Sarah Palin's book at Costco who discounted her book to around $15. while you can still get it for $4.97 from Newsmax. 

At first blush you might think that would be necessary as Utah is the redest of red states and Sarah Palin is our queen.  Truth is the crowd never really was there.  Thousands were expected and hundreds actually showed up.  What I found most interesting were the interview clips by the TV crews of Palinatics.  Hearing them say that they thought she was what this country needed and how they could relate to her because she seemed to be like us, was amazing.  Interviewees said that she was one of us, real and shared our values.  I have always been perplexed by the term ,"values".  Who's values are they talking about?  What values are they talking about? The worst is when "family values" are mentioned.  I for the life of me wonder who's family are they talking about?  You read in the paper everyday horrible people who belong to families doing horrible things to others or even members of their own families.  I am hoping that Sarah Palin runs for national office, it might knock Tiger Woods off the front page.