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Discrimination in Hildale



While researching this week's cover story on the struggles between the United Effort Plan Trust and the FLDS Church over the future of Hildale and Colorado City, I encountered several bizarre examples of how the war for control can take some odd directions.--

UEP's Isaac Wyler and his videographer Andrew Chatwin took me into a fenced-off lot where a grocery store stands called Little Valley Bulk Foods. As we went round the building, chalked on the back wall, and thus hidden from the street, was the following message:

Proper dress is required

sleeve length to the wrist

legs covered to the ankles

and shoes required

That's not the only example of how folks down in Hildale-Colorado City try to ensure they serve only the faithful.

Genevive Hainline reports problems accesing an unmarked fabric store. You have to press a doorbell to announce yourself and once you've given your name, if you're not FLDS, you don't get buzzed in.

Then there's the matter of the local health clinic. When Hainline's toddler was congested and she tried to get the local state-funded clinic to attend her child, they weren't allowed into the walled-off property. Instead an ambulance was sent out and three EMTs told her they would take her to St George. Hainline insisted they call a doctor which they sheepishly did. The doc told them, as Hainline suspected, that all the child needed was Tylenol.

As far as Hainline's concerned, and other non-FLDS residents concur, sending out an ambulance was designed to make her pay a ridiculous bill for the transportation and thus get the message out that non-FLDS should steer of turning to the state-funded clinic for help. 

Even eating out in Hildale can be political. Wyler and Chatwin filed a complaint with the Arizona AG's office over being discriminated against in several fast food chains. They won the case but since then have noticed a new restaurant has apparently opened, albeit it under a sign that says Canyon Cleaning. You can see the tables with clothes and little flower vases plainly through the window.



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