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To nog or not to nog? Let’s face it. Few holiday bevs are as outright fattening as good old egg nog. --- Add a glug of rum and you may as well just toss your scale out the window.

Fact is, regular egg nog weighs in at around 185 calories per half cup—the deceiving measurement they give on the side of the carton. Kids, that’s 370 calories per cup, before the 100-calorie jigger of rum. This poses somewhat of a dilemma to most of us. So when saw a reference to Silk Soy Nog on Facebook this holiday season, I decided to quit laughing and give it a try. No surprise, Silk Soy Nog lacks the thick, creamy texture of cream and egg-based nog. But it has a surprisingly satisfying, smooth quality and the taste is noggy enough. It coats the glass, but in a sort of dainty “soy” sort of way. If you’re looking to avoid saturated fat and cholesterol, drink up. I could see whipping it up in a blender to inject some froth, and adding the rum or bourbon of your choice. Silk Soy Nog weighs in at 90 calories per half cup, 20 of which are fat. And, it has half the sugar of low-fat nog. Compared to the soy version, Horizon Organic Low Fat Egg Nog pours and tastes like the most luxurious of indulgences. At 140 calories per half cup, it’s doable – though you are taking in 30 fat calories and 40 mg of cholesterol, too. But it’s all good stuff—including non-fat organic milk, sugar, cream egg yolks and nutmeg. Cheers, and drink responsibly.

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