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My computers name is in Hall



This blog entry is bring brought to you at great expense to me because my computer "HATES" me!---

I swear that this computer is the evil twin to BYU's Max Hall.  Hall made it extremely clear that he hates the U of U and everything and everybody connected to it.  He hates the color red and I'm sure in his mind gives the finger to every stop light he sees.  I am about as big a Ute fan that ever existed.  Hell, I started the tailgate tradition at the U back in the early 70's and am proud to see it grow into one of the best tailgate experiences in the country.  Back to my possessed computer.  It has been in the shop more than Jimmy Johnson's race car at Daytona.  The fact that I am a complete computer illiterate and have a penchant for downloading buckets of crap that actually should be buried out at Energy Solutions Shit Hole has nothing to do with it!

I admit that I am a sucker for these sites that promise to make my computer run faster, be more powerful then a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings at a single mouse click.  So what do I do?  Naturally I try to install them in my computer which takes to this activity like trying to force feed Sarah Palin knowledge.  The end result is not pretty or cheap. 

So I'm BACK......just so I can call Jason Chaffetz a dick because he is having a cow over the Washington D.C. Council who voted overwhelmingly to legalize gay marriage.  With all that this self promoting media whore has to do to represent the state of Utah in Congress, how does he justify working on something as silly as this?  We have train loads of radioactive waste headed to Utah at this very minute, but Jason will toss and turn on his office cot over the possibility that a couple of gay people in D.C. might want to get married. 

I wonder if his aversion to gay marriage has something to do with his aversion to airport security wanting to have him walk through their latest security screening machine?