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Dear Brian, Golf is not a Sport



My boy Brian, or as I refer to him... "Snow Pea" is crushed by the events of Tiger Woods failings. ---

So much so, that he is back on his "Golf is too a sport" kick. Sorry Brian, it's not. He thinks golf requires athleticism, because the AP named Woods "Athlete of the Decade."  Wrong. That just makes AP some money, and still a ridiculous award. Particularly when they passed on Roger Federer and Lance Armstrong. Not only could Tiger Woods not last a day in either of those athlete's sports, I doubt he could hack one day of training in tennis or cycling.

Also Tiger tore his MCL a few years back... bending over to pick up a golf ball. True story. Not an athlete, sorry.

Here is a picture of professional golfer John Daly, who apparently smokes while he is playing golf. My bigger concern is that he is smoking while he is pregnant. Brian will say that baseball players smoke during a game as well, but he is wrong. Babe Ruth did in 1925, but again... he was playing a sport.

Also, with zero training and or knowledge of golf, I can hit a golf ball 300 yards straight. All my golfing buddies thought that was pretty impressive, but that just proves the fact that golf is not a sport.

So instead of trying to convince me that golf is a sport because golfers do some of the same things that athletes do, why don't you tell me what exactly makes golf a sport? Because they use a ball? So does pool.

Because it's on ESPN? So are poker and dog shows.

Because it's popular and generates millions in revenue? So does American Idol.

Sorry Snow Pea, golf is a game, like checkers, poker and hide the salami. Now that's a game where Tiger is very athletic indeed.