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So, who will be Alby's Big Love BF?



Bill Frost recently noted on the True TV Blog that the Season 3 finale of HBO's Big Love concluded with the apparent demise of Juniper Creek prophet Roman Grant (Harry Dean Stanton).

I re-watched the first three seasons this month, so the upcoming Season 4 has been on my mind. Roman's presumed death means that his son and heir apparent Alby (Matt Ross) will be moving right back into the Big House to re-assume control of both the JC compound and the UEB. ---

Of course, trying to predict future events in the tumultuous world of Big Love is like trying to catch a greased piglet -- every time you think you've got it pinned down, it gleefully wriggles out of your grasp.

So, if it turns out that Roman's not just merely dead, but really quite sincerely dead, we can assume that in Season 4 the show's writers will have found lots of exquisitely convoluted ways to foil Alby's ambitions. One monkey wrench in the works may be Alby's taste for hot, sleazy, anonymous, man-on-man action.

Unfortunately, Alby has had dismal luck cruising grocery stores and highway rest areas, so it's just as well that he's switching dating strategies and hooking up on the compound. According to the show's creators, Alby's relationship with one of the UEB trustees will kick off the season's first episode.

Details are already out there, but I don't like to read the spoiler sites -- so, until the Jan. 10, 2010 season premiere, I'm on hooks wondering who the boyfriend is going to be (evidently, not all of the UEB trustees are 80 years old). And how will his, er, goal-oriented (not to say "pushy") wife Lura (Anne Dudek) handle the news when Alby's bad bi-curious luck inevitably materializes and he and the boyfriend caught while "struggling with same-sex attraction"?

Personally, I've always thought the ambitious Lura has known about Alby all along, and tolerates his dalliances because, hey, being the wife of a pole-smoking prophet is probably the sweetest gig on the compound.

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