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Dems, Is That the Best You Can Do?



Ben McAdams, on paper, looks good. The married father of three just chosen by Salt Lake County Democratic delegates over the weekend to complete Sen. Scott McCoy's term for Senate District 2 is an attorney and adviser for Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker. --- By all accounts, he's accomplished and capable. As he proved with his well-oiled mini-campaign to get the Democratic nod, the young Mormon Democrat could have easily issued his own challenge for a seat in the Legislature and been elected by the people. He didn't need an appointment.

So why did the Dem's not use this opportunity to elect someone to represent the diversity of the 2nd district who can bring some actual diversity?

According to the Utah Senate's Website, the 58th Senate has only five women. It now has no openly gay members, is mostly white, and there were already eight attorneys who serve in the august body.

What a blown opportunity not to elect someone who might have shaken things up the way Scott McCoy did. Why not a woman, or someone who is LGBT, or a minority or, hell, even a regular workingman or woman? In SLC's unique blue bubble surrounded by a red state, is this the best you could do?