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Kiss: Still Whores After All These Years



So how does Kiss reward the fraction of fan goodwill they may have won back with the new Sonic Boom album, a fairly rocktastic release with little of that Psycho Circus stench? With a fucking Walmart commercial. ---

Yes, that's Gene, Paul and the other hired-gun ringers pimping none-too-convincingly for the big-box behemoth. This kind of stunt would have had some kitschy cache back in Kiss' '70s heyday, when they pretty much were the Walmart of rock (Action figures! Pinball machines! Lunchboxes! Dildos! Etc!), but now it's as pathetic as Vinnie Vincent panhandling outside of Guitar Center.

Congratulations on being fired, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss--you're royal fuck-ups, but no one deserves this: