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Eve: Day 2 (A Brief) Review


Another lovely evening of activities. Hopefully more of you are making it downtown to ring in the new year.
Yesterday, at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, dance took center-stage. Ririe-Woodberry put on one of its favorites: "Chairs." One duet is shown above. The performed snippets from the longer performance portrayed longing desperation and deeply sensual, yet confined movement. Later, for the same show, Ririe-Woodberry performed several numbers, ending with "Lady of the Lake." The one-woman piece enacting Celtic bathing rituals that was overt in its beauty.
More across-the-pond inspired performances took stage at the Jeanne Wagner Theatre with Salt Lake Scots Pipes and Drum Band. They play in one volume: LOUD. The band ended with a bang, deafening out the old year.
The last performance was put on by Dance Theatre Coalition. I don't think Salt Lake is quite ready for avant-garde art, or at least not the crowd in attendance, as many left during a artsy monologue. The Coalition ended with commiserating about the woes of 2009 and everyone was invited to yell what they hated about the year, followed by the "wah, wah" of some child's toys.
Well, that was a very brief and hurried review. Come down and check it out for yourself. There are plenty of events going on for the rest of the year.
Happy New Year!


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