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New Year's EVE SLC



I'm sure the organizers of the all-new, all-bigger EVE SLC would have preferred weather for their innagural year that was a bit less -- what's the word I'm looking for? -- crappy. Consecutive snowy nights have put a damper on attendance, but there's still the big one tonight to go.

City Weekly (an official EVE sponsor) has already provided you with encouragement here and here, and oh yeah also here. But it really is an event worth exploring, even offering plenty of activities for those who prefer not to be hanging out outdoors on a winter night. This evening's weather looks at least somewhat more promising -- snow could be rolling in just before 2010 rolls in -- and TRAX will be running late-night hours for those who'd rather stay off the roads for either meteorological or mixological reasons. Let's celebrate in style.


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