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Let's Go Bowling: Capitol One and/or Gator Bowl



Am I lazy or is there a reason I combined these two bowl games? ---

Both. I am lazy, but it IS New Years Day. I combined them for a few reasons.

The Capitol One Bowl is Penn State vs LSU, The Gator Bowl is West Virginia vs Florida State.

Penn St and FSU are coached by the #1 and #2 winningest coaches in NCAA football history, Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden. They are both 20 years past their prime, and 10 years past when they should have hung it up. Paterno is 83, and Bowden 80. Do they really relate to 19 & 20 year old kids? No. They have a staff of younger coaches who literally do EVERYTHING for them. Bowden has agreed to have today be his last game coaching, but Paterno is too old to know what day it is so he will keep going until God only knows.

The last comparison? They will both lose today to younger, smarter, better coaches with better programs.

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