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Let's Go Bowling: The Sugar Bowl



The last of today's "Bowl Blogs" thank God, and the last time EVER we have to see Tim "the gigantic pwouchebag" Tebow. ---

I know what you're saying... "what's a pwouchebag?" It's a word I made up specifically for Tim Tebow that means part pussy, part irritating wuss machine, all douchebag. Today there will be commentators crying and fawning all over Tebow and how he is the greatest college player of all time and the greatest humanitarian to ever grace the planet.

Screw Tebow. He's a pwouchebag.

It's his last college game and since he won't make an NFL team, his last football game. So I say, go away you fucking loser and don't ever come back. And while you're at it, take Urban Meyer with you... who may or may not be coaching his last game for Florida. He retired last week, then changed his mind the next day, and now he doesn't know what he will do... in short. He's Brett Favre. Screw him too. I hope Cincinnati beats Florida by 50. They won't, but a man can dream...


Cincinnati vs Florida 6:30 pm on FOX.