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Blogging Bennett



A few weeks back City Weekly wrote about the Utah Senate’s plan to formulate a special press pass for bloggers. In the article Senate staffer Ric Cantrell envisioned bloggers becoming the watchdogs of the brave new media world.

An encouraging development in that trend was a pair of posts from the Nacilbupera Guzzle blog,--- which cull some old news bank articles going back to the early ‘90s to show instances where Bob Bennett vowed to champion the cause of term limits.

It’s a nice little bit of research that takes us back in time 18 years when making a stink about term limits worked forĀ Bennett and not against him—that is to say, when he was against it before he was for it.

The blog also goes to show that you can blog with an admitted bias (the blogger compares Bennett to Mr. Burns) and still dig up some interesting facts, that speak for themselves.

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