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Black Tuesday?



Ahhh professional sports. Where we let millionaires wave guns around in locker rooms but walk on tip toes as to not offend any race on any level. ---

Except "Black Monday." The NFL has been calling the Monday after the last regular season "Black Monday" for awhile now eluding to the number of coaches getting fired on that day. This year it happened on Tuesday, but ESPN was careful not to call it "Black Tuesday" because that might remind people of the stock market crash of 1929. Are you kidding me? Does anyone watching Sports Center know what "Black Tuesday" was? No.

More importantly, why is it ok to call it "Black Monday" in the 1st place? Because black is bad? Guess what? As of 2009 opening day rosters approximately 65% of NFL players are African-American.

Al Sharpton? Where are you? (sarcasm)

Regardless, "Black Tuesday" happened and the axe fell on many coaches AND assistants. Jim Zorn in Washington, (speaking or racist names) GONE. Mike Shanahan IN. The entire staff of Buffalo, GONE. No replacements yet. Everyone in Chicago not named Lovie, GONE. No replacements yet. Everyone in Pittsburgh not named Tomlin, soon to be GONE. No replacements yet. Everyone in Cleveland soon to be GONE. Mike Holmgren IN.

Maybe they should call it "Red Tuesday" as in blood bath. Of course we don't want to offend vampires.

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