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"It's A Dog Eat Cat World"



Obama's poll numbers have not gone to the dogs....they have gone to the cats!---

The numbers are in and 74% of those polled said they really like dogs while 41% preferred cats.  This according to an AP poll just released.  I must admit that I was never a cat person and always had dogs.  The cats that came into my life were by virtue of my kids.  It would always start the same way,  "Look how cute he is, can we keep him?"  I learned that it was never a question looking for an answer, but rather an announcement of, "guess who just joined our family?"

When they are kitties or puppy's they are always adorable.  The "Awe" factor always wins.  When the kids grow up and move away the kitty had already become king of the castle, master of what used to be my domain.  Sally is a Siamese who hates everybody except me.  She has decided that I would be her dog.  The reason she likes me is that I represent food and amusement.  This is why I have come to believe that cats are smarter than dogs.  Dogs are great as they can be trained to do just about anything from police work, guide dog to the blind to care giver.  I love dogs and the stories about how they have protected their owners and rescued children always brings a lump to my throat.  Cats on the other hand have the ability to train people.  Sally won't let anybody, including me, hold her.  Her rule is she must be touching me when I'm on the couch or when I'm in bed.  She will tell me when it time to get up and fix breakfast as well as dinner.  She must help me read the paper by sitting on it when I am trying to read it.  The same thing goes for being at my desk.  She has to lay between the computer keyboard and the screen when I'm working or surfing.  She likes to go outside and will sit by the sliding glass door and stare at me until I let her out only to have her want back in 30 seconds later.  She must have catheimers as she will demand I let her out 2 minutes later.  She must have forgot how cold it is outside and I have to open the door to remind her.  If it wasn't for this game we play every night, I wouldn't get any exercise at all.  The best thing about cats is in the personal hygiene department.  Cats have their own bathrooms/litter boxes whereas dogs must be walked.  I could tell you more about Sally's behavior and the tricks she has taught me to perform but she is yelling for me to open the door.  I am nothing but staff.