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Alley Rats for Skordas



Greg Skordas launches his campaign for district attorney from a downtown alleyway.---

In a window facing the alley behind City Weekly's offices (as well as Sam Weller, and other fine establishments), Greg Skordas has planted his first set of lawn signs. Curiously, he seemed to have thought that the best way to get his name out was to advertise to alt-weekly employees and other assorted outcasts.

Admittedly, these signs have been piled in this window, beneath the lamp and other detritus, since Skordas lost the AG race to Mark Shurtleff. But they haven't been moved, which probably should have tipped a good political reporter that he wasn't done with running for office.

And sure enough, as the trash pile has been shouting, Skordas announced last week that he is running for the Salt Lake County District Attorney slot. It's one more candidate who only adds to the "two degrees of separation" that is Salt Lake County politics.

Skordas defended former Salt Lake County Mayor Nancy Workman in 2004, at the same time he was running against Shurtleff (a former Salt Lake County Commissioner, by the way). Peter Corroon is Salt Lake County mayor, in large part because of the prosecution of Workman, who was eventually acquitted.

Enough history. Onward to the present, and the above mentioned lawn signs:



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