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Matheson, we want a Beehive Kickback!



Utah’s quasi-liberal, blue-dog democrat Jim Matheson, D-Utah could have his day. How’s that you ask? It’s simple. You pull one of them sweet 11th hour shenanigans like Nebraska, democrat Ben Nelson did and oppose reform on some conservative grounds like abortion--and jackpot!--- Free Medicaid!

Nelson’s feat of negotiating with Harry Reid when he’s got him by the lemons resulted in a sweet payoff that took his state off the hook for covering any of the costs for expanding Medicaid coverage. The sweet heart deal has come to be known as the “Cornhusker Kickback.”

Mr. Matheson, it’s time to for the Beehive Kickback. Now, it may mean teaming up with some other blue dogs to get the same bargaining power, but it’s still doable—you’ll just have to run as a pack is all.

Now we just need to think of a more clever name, Beehive Kickback works, but I’m not married to it necessarily.

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