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The Free Capitalist Radio Comeback



Despite a looming trial for over 20 counts of fraud for being the mastermind behind a $100 million Ponzi scheme, Rick “The Free Capitalist” Koerber is planning a radio comeback.---

“How time flies...,” Koerber writes in a recent newsletter. “Yep, I'm still alive, still engaged in the Project, and contrary to the wishes of some, after everything that transpired in 2009, I am still the Free Capitalist.” Starting January 20, the Free Capitalist Radio show will be back on with daily broadcasts (at as of yet unknown affiliate stations).

Koerber also updated his website and his blog

It's just hard to imagine how the verbose¬†Koerber¬†can avoid not talking about his trial proceedings on the air. I also wonder if it will be like the old days of Free Capitalist Radio when callers use to phone in to ask about how they could get their money back they had invested with down line companies. Something tells me either there will be a very anxious lawyer standing in the studio ready to cut Koerber’s mike at any moment or Koerber has decided he’s just going to fight his legal battle in the Third District Court as well as the court of public opinion.

You gotta give it to the guy; he refuses to go down without a fight--or at least a rant or two.

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