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Media Matters: A Tribune reporter wins an election. Sort of.---

Congratulations to the Trib's Tommy Burr, who was appointed to to the Congressional Committee of Correspondents. He is one of two new members of the committee, which helps determine who gets press credentials and gallery access for the House and Senate.

Like Robert Gehrke, Burr is one of those reporters who is more valuable than the MediaNews-owned Tribune deserves. In a fair world, or the journalism world before print imploded, Burr would have long ago been elevated to one of the major dailies. He is astute and incredibly hard-working. I speak from experience, by the way, because my ass is still sore from having it kicked repeatedly while covering Salt Lake County and competing against Tommy.

Eventually, Tommy Burr will be a name known outside of political and media circles. But for now, at least he is getting his due within those circles. Good luck, Mr. Burr.


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