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Killpack Resigns



According to stories in the Deseret News and The Salt Lake Tribune, Sen. Sheldon Killpack is resigning from the Legislature.---

Killpack was arrested for a DUI at the Supersonic car wash near 3300 East and 700 South Friday morning, just after midnight. He refused to take a Breathalyzer, so his blood alcohol content will not be known for a couple of weeks.

Friday, Killpack expressed regret and took full responsibility in a statement. Saturday, that "accountability" translated into resigning.

It's really a shame that Killpack is resigning. He was always one of the smartest senators, and also genuinely kind. He was conservative but never seemed to use his politics as a weapon against other people. Had he stayed, even if he lost his leadership role, it would have been nice to have a senator humbled by his own actions. It could have meant greater compassion for others, or at least sympathy for those who make mistakes.

A lot has been made of the fact Killpack supported tougher standards for DUI offenders, and that is true. However, those seemed to focus on two aspects: multiple DUIs and those who would use plea deals to skirt the driver's license punishments. Even those who drink can support tougher penalties for those have multiple DUIs, generally.

Another thing that many commenters (but not reporters) have broached is the question about Killpack being out at midnight. However, two things should be remembered. One, he went to Greg Hughes fundraiser until about 9 p.m. After that, there was a Jazz game that ended just before midnight. So, it's not entirely surprising that two guys — he was with former Rep. Mark Walker -- would be driving home at a half-hour later.


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