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My (Fake) Life as Liz



How real is My Life as Liz, premiering tonight on MTV? Probably about as "real" as anything else on MTV--with everything from The Hills to 16 & Pregnant to Teen Pimp to whatever else the net runs being staged down to the last tantrum, why believe this reality show is on the level? ---

The True TV summary: Geeky small-town Texas teen Liz Lee fights against conformity with the help of nerdy friends in what could be MTV’s most contrived “reality” series yet—and yes, The Only TV Column That Matters™ realizes the full weight of that statement. Liz & Co.’s brand of “individuality” is so hipster clichéd (Larping! Dodge ball! Ironic vintage T-shirts!) that the “conformists” seem absolutely justified in shunning them. Hell, I’d rather hang out with the Jersey Shore morons.

A few rankled commenters on the YouTube preview video below don't buy it, either:

"The reason we're mad is not her, but MTV itself. They staged everything, going as far as screwing with our prom by turning of the music and lights in attemps to make us fight. She was at my school for a whole year, never met her, but I sure got those damn MTV cameras up in my face enough to be mad. She's probably a nice girl, but who knows what MTV made her do for the sake of 'reality' tv."

"Well i live there. It's Burleson Texas and it looks nothing like that. They pretty much made Burleson look like crap but its actually a huge town. Such a fake show they filmed at my school"

"nothing says 'i want to be different and non conformist' like YOUR OWN SHOW ON MTV."

Smells like a hit!