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New Music Tuesday!


And now, the moment Spoon fans have all been waiting for ... Transference hits stores today! The group's seventh studio album is pretty much what you'd expect from the band despite the singles they leaked over the summer that hinted at some new daring experiments in sound - and that's a good thing for listeners who love Brit Daniel's witty, somewhat obtuse lyrics and his group's catchy hooks. Arguably, this LP one ups their previous release, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, if only because the title is so much easier to pronounce.---

The Mystery Zone - Spoon

Also out, Eels' End Times which has frontman Mark Oliver Everett returning to fine gloom-and-doom form after a brief reprieve with the wonderfully distorted, down-and-dirty, Hombre Lobo.

In My Younger Days - Eels

Other goodies include Florida indie-rockers Surfer Blood debuting Astro Coast, an album that's more emblematic of small-town high-school parking-lot jams than Dick Dale-fueled beach parties.

Fast Jabroni - Surfer Blood


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