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iCarly Takes Down Jack Bauer



The most-watched TV show on Monday night of this week? It didn't feature Chuck, Jack Bauer, whoever the closeted Bachelor is right now or any of those oldsters: It was Nickelodeon's iCarly! Lulz! ---

Says Nickelodeon, iCarly (about a tweener and her pals with an Internet show, like you didn't know) beat everything on cable and broadcast TV on Monday Jan. 18, pulling in 11.2 million viewers and taking the tiara of "the number-one series on all of television with kids 2-11." Yeah, but just till Sarah Palin's 'Merica debuts on Fox News, you little i-tart!

Observes Defamer, the popularity of this episode of iCarly can possibly be attributed to "1. There are 11 million tweenagers/pedophiles in this country. 2. 'Freddie prevents Carly from getting hit by a taco truck, only to be injured himself in the process.' That is the episode description. It is basically the plot of White Christmas except with slightly less Danny Kaye. Slightly."

See if you can disseminate the appeal from this clip from said episode, "iSaved Your Life." Can 11 million kiddies be wrong? Compared to the shit you watched at that age, this is, like, Shakespeare: