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The Asshole Champ Resurrected



UFC’s Heavyweight Champ, Brock Lesnar has announced a miraculous recovery from his near life-threatening intestinal condition. Unfortunately, doctors say he still hasn’t recovered from being the biggest dickhead in the professional MMA world.---

I know that sounds unsympathetic, but I just feel like I have to counter for some of the press that felt like they had to come to Lesnar’s defense and say that his asinine antics at the end of his match with Frank Mir at UFC 100 was just a touch of showbiz. Just a throwback from WWE days of being an asshole to fuel a grudge match, in dismissing Mir after the fight.  

Keep in mind fight commenters only started rationalizing Lesnar’s antics after it was announced he had health problems.

Don’t get me wrong, Lesnar is a hell of an athlete and it’s a tragedy to even consider his career and life being upended by something like a freak intestinal disease.  But at the same time, just because somebody gets sick, doesn’t necessarily change who they are-- in this case an asshole.

Maybe I just watch too much House, but I’m going hold my sympathy for when I see how Lesnar reacts after his summer comeback (likely against the winner of the Mir and Shane Carwin match in March). Whether it’s win or lose, this match will show whether a near death experience has truly taught Lesnar anything about humility and sportsmanship.