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Top 5 Reasons Killpack Shouldn't Resign



5. Because, the dude’s first name is Sheldon, cut him some slack already.---

4. The man was a moderate conservative and in a leadership position. No small task in a state where the only thing redder than the air quality is the politics.

3. Because he took responsibility for his actions. I know that sounds like a catch-22, but its just so refreshing for a politician to throw his hands in the air and admit his fault, that well…shoot…we could use more officeholders like that.

2. And on that note—how great would it be to have a legislator in office whose had all of his constituents—and the rest of the state see him eat humble pie and then have to work to make up for it. A public servant with an added sense of responsibility to right a personal wrong would make for one hell of a hard working legislator.

1.Lastly, if Killpack did what he could to make up for this mistake and won back the trust of his voters--how freakin’ great would it be to have our first openly Jack Mormon legislator? And I mean that term with the greatest respect.

Some of the Mormons I admire most are strict adherents to old-school Brigham Young interpretations of the Word of Wisdom that says moderate imbibing--of beer at least--is still kosher within the Church. He could’ve shattered the glass ceiling for so many Jack Mormon politicians, who even right now, dare not step out of the closet and cop to a few minor, not-holier-than-thou indiscretions. A shame really