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10 Sex Scenes That Shock and Awe



Some sex scenes in movies shock us. Others awe us. Here's a list of 10 sex scenes that allegedly do one or the other: ---

10. Diane Lane doing it doggy-style with a much younger man in Unfaithful.

9. Eminem schlonging Brittany Murphy (RIP) in 8 Mile.

8. Edward Norton energetically thrusting into the girl wearing the black combat boots in bed in American History X.

7. Woody Harrelson making mad monkey love to that spunky, little Puerto Rican sparkplug Rosie Perez in the shower in White Men Can't Jump.

6. The scene celebrating fat-people sex in Sideways.

5. Young lovers enthusiastically going at it in the bathtub in Gregg Araki's The Doom Generation.

4. The sex-with-pie scene in American Pie.

3. A depressed Halle Berry begging Billy Bob to bang her brains out in Monster's Ball.

2. The virginal, big-boobed French girl rolling around on the kitchen floor with her American roommate as her brother fries eggs nearby in The Dreamers.

1. Kim Basinger seducing a shy, panty-sniffing 16-year-old boy in The Door in the Floor.

For further research on this topic, check out the Hollywood Sex Scene Database.

What are your thoughts on this list of sex scenes that shock and awe? Do you agree with my picks and how I've ranked them? Or did I get it all wrong? Please share your opinions in the comments.