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Jersey Shore: Replaceable Idiots?



My new favorite quote about the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore, regarding the Guidi (collective of Guidos and Guidettes) and their negotiations for a second season of the insanely popular reality show: "Finding obnoxious, pushy, trash-talking idiots who want to be on TV is as easy as falling off a log" (MTV "insider" to the Chicago Sun-Times) ---

The Situation, Snookie, Pauly D and the other less-memorably-nicknamed cast members, who were nobodies when Jersey Shore filmed last summer and paid essentially minimum wage, have let overnight fame go straight to their juiceheads and are now demanding far bigger piles of cash than MTV is offering (reportedly around $10,000 per episode). According to MTV, holdouts will be replaced--and the network already has thousands of wannabe Guidos ready to step in. Seriously, thousands.

MTV is fucked either way: These idiots are now stars, and it would be bad business to let them leave. But, a Season 2 of Jersey Shore with the same cast would be (relatively) lousy, because now everyone knows who they are (including the cast themselves, all too well) and the fresh novelty is gone forever. Who's going to buy them "working" at the T-shirt shop now? I know, they barely did in Season 1, but come on--do we really need another stilted Hills or The City? At least the first season of Jersey Shore was "real."

And, as The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson has shown, they're all replaceable ...