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How Much Will You Suffer for Veronica Mars?



Tweeted today by former Veronica Mars/current When In Rome star Kristen Bell: "VM fans-please see When in Rome this wknd! if the box office #s are high we have a better chance of being able 2 make a veronicamars movie!" ---

Refresher: Veronica Mars was a TV series that ran two seasons on UPN and one on The CW from 2004 to 2007; Bell played a too-smart high-schooler who moonlighted as a private detective. Despite the dubious premise and dubious-er UPN connection, it was an excellent, well-written show, and Bell was brilliant. Ever since the series' cancellation, there's been speculation of a Veronica Mars movie, though creator Rob Thomas has stated recently that it's a long-shot and "no one wants to pay for it." Hence, Bell's new bid for box-office cred.

Too bad the time to strike was after her funny turn in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, not When In Rome, which looks to be the steamiest pile of romantic-comedy shit since, oh, Leap Year. Even if buying a ticket guaranteed a Veronica Mars movie, peace on Earth and a lap-dance from Bell herself, there's no way in hell I'm taking that bullet. How she can ask her fans the same is beyond me--does this resemble anything that people who like intelligent writing would gladly suffer through? She does look great, however ... Get out of my head!