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10 Web Sites for Planning Las Vegas Vacations


Would you like to plan a Las Vegas vacation? Of course you would. Here's a list of 10 Web sites to help you plan your next trip to Vegas, baby, Vegas! ---

Plan Your Las Vegas Trip Like a Pro

The Official Las Vegas Tourism Web Site features a slick RSVP planner that allows you to pick where you'll stay, what you'll do, and even when you'll eat and then makes it easy to invite your friends by e-mail. Awesome!

Save Money with El Cheapo

Cheapo Vegas displays a wide variety of hotels, restaurants and entertainment options with handy charts that show how one place compares to the next when it comes to price.

Why Drive When You Can Fly?

Travelocity usually offers some pretty good deals on flights to Las Vegas. You might find a hotel on this site, too.

Know Before You Go

Vegas.com gives you a lot of info similar to what's found on other sites about hotels and nightlife. But one of the big advantages of this site is that it describes various sports books and poker rooms. It also gives you the sports betting lines.

Golf by Day, Gentleman's Clubs by Night

Las Vegas Golf has lots of good tidbits and tips for those of you who want to hit the greens. And it also has a section highlighting some of Las Vegas' best strip clubs. I don't exactly see the connection there. But maybe you do. Please tip your dancers and your caddy generously.

Wherefore Art Thou, WiFi?

Even though you're going to Las Vegas, you'll want to maintain your connection to Internet porn. Just in case you lose all your cash on baccarat and can no longer afford a high-quality escort. Fear not, my friends, fear not.

Here is a list of WiFi hot spots.

Insider Information

The Las Vegas Review-Journal's Inside Gaming column is pretty good. If you're trying to figure out what's new in Vegas since the last time you visited, you might spot a helpful nugget or two here.

Eat Your Heart Out

Las Vegas Restaurants ranks eateries based on diner feedback. This site includes several Top 10 lists in various categories, including Best Value for Your Money.

Plan Ahead for the Pawnshops

Pawnshop Listings serves as a detailed directory of places in Las Vegas where you might just be able to sell your wedding ring to get you a new stack of poker chips. Not that I would ever advocate wearing your wedding ring to Vegas. But if it can get you a chip and a chair, it might be worth it, I guess.

Gamble Like It's Going Out of Style

Consider this a personal tip from me to you: Avoid the fancy-schmanchyness of the Strip. Go old school by going downtown. Binion's my friends, Binion's. Lord knows it's a storied gambling hall. My, if those walls could talk! But what you might not know is that Binion's offers the best breakfast in town. You can't eat just one egg. You've got to double down! Visit Binion's Web site for more info.

What's your favorite thing to do in Las Vegas? Did you find this list of Web sites helpful for planning your next trip? Do you know of other sites I should have included? Please speak your mind in the comments.