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In The Loop: 1/30/10. Promotions Galore & Some Other Junk



Hello all you sneezing, sniffling, coughing, aching, 18 degrees and breezy film line standing enthusiasts. Let's start off with a look this time at the Model Citizen Memorial Wall.

--- For the most part, I'm not a fan of going in line to stand at Sundance, mainly because I don't enjoy almost getting run over by an over-decorated Hummer in the middle of a small Park City street where they're rapping about bottled water. (True story!) So I usually avoid the entire event like it were Swine Flu, which seems fitting since that's the same city where the first cases in Utah were reported.

But this week I took in one showing of a film at The Broadway with a friend, and it was a film I actually felt like seeing... “Hesher”. Strange little film with Joesph Gordon Levitt playing a squatting metal dude, Rainn Wilson playing an over-medicated dad, and Natalie Portman playing a geeky looking grocery clerk. It was okay, and next to “Prop 8” (which was sold out and then some all through the fest) its probably the only film I'm going to promote, as we approach the last two days. Its last showing is today at the Egyptian at 3PM. But of course the piece of me that still hates the baggage and issues the festival brings with it, got a chuckle from this statement left on the sidewalk near the theater.

While we're on the topic of film, we're anxiously awaiting the start of the next round of Open Screen Nights at the Tower Theater. But until those kick off, we've got on coming in February that might catch your interest. Radio From Hell is doing its own festival from the Tower. The basic rundown is to create a short film under five minutes revolving around the topic “Things That Must Go.” Entries are bring taken until February 10th, and the official showing will take place on the 17th. For more information, click this link here.


Moving onto music, for all you local bands and musicians, there's only ONE WEEK LEFT to submit to the Utah Arts Festival as a performing artist. The majority of performing acts that you see at the fest every year end up being picked from the Utah music scene. Everything from rock to hip-hop to jazz to country and every form in between. If you're a band, solo artist, group, or anything else delving into the real of music... SIGN UP! Its one of the biggest festivals of the year and to pass it up is a mistake by anyone. Click over on this link here to submit.

While we're on music, and I know this is very random, but could some programmer who is App-savvy get to work on a few for KRCL, UtahFM, and UtahInternetRadio? I realize it takes time and costs money and requires a motivated effort, but seriously, I'd like to replace Pandora with something local and I know I'm not alone in this. Is there anyone out there who can get those balls rolling?

Coming up for the blog the next few weeks, another live show with unprofessional photo taking, chatting up graffiti, a relocated gallery, hitting the theatre again, vinyl fashion and a look at an annual competition in the hills! But as always, we'll see what happens.